Purchase a driving license

Purchase a driver’s license without a written exams or practical test.

It’s no longer a secret, there is no longer a country in Europe where you can have your driving license without stress, without hassle, without worry. The procedure is so complex today that some citizens are forced to change countries to find solutions, which they rarely find.

What if you did not need to stress yourself?

What if you did not have to torture your mind to get a driver’s license?

What if it was just easy to order and buy a driver’s license just like a car or a jewel?

You could just get into your car and drive without noticing that the police is looking at you.

And if you could buy a legal license, registered and authentic in less than 5 or 6 days as from 850 euros?

What would you think then? Have you tried this before? We bet you that it works. It works for you and any other person who has the required documentations.

Ladies and gentlemen, you who have already been bothered for a so long in obtaining a driving license, you who have failed several times in the driving license examination in your country, you who have been victims of injustice during the practical driving license examination, you who have learned to drive at home and do not want to bother yourself in obtaining a normal driving license, buy a legal and registered driving license on this website with ease, just by filling a form and by making a payment.

If you need a driver’s license to find a job or to keep your job, whether you’re looking for a pizza delivery job or truck and heavy weight driver, or you’re looking for anything whatever the category, then you are at the right place.

What is the technique with which we produce an authentic document?

We are certainly an anonymous organization, but that does not prevent us from being as structured as any other organization. Equipped with our team of computer scientists and excellent hackers, we design and print the documents we provide to our customers after they have given us the information to appear on these documents. After the design of the document that is made by us, then comes the part of the registration of the document purchased in DVA or DVLA archives. At this stage, it becomes a little more delicate, our experts in collaboration with some agents in the computer system make the work easy hence facilitating the registration of the documents we provide to our clients.

Indeed, our team of Hackers, with the help of our contacts in the government are in charge of the introduction of the data of our customers in the databases of the concerned countries in any discretion.

How and how much to buy a driver’s license on this site?

There’s no need to remind you how much it costs to buy a UK driver’s license when it is obtained by the normal route, if it is obtained. However, on our website, the driving license is purchased from 850 euros, depending on the categories requested. From this price, you get in less than 4 days after complete order, received at home, and in the most anonymous way possible, the same document as those who have taken years to obtain it by the normal way. You will then enjoy the same privileges as them, whether in front of the police or at your job site. So, order in a few clicks and cheaply what many take years to get, and this, prices are often staggering.

To buy a driver’s license on this site, you only have to contact us via the Contact page and we will then take your request in charge at the latest within one hour.






  1. Hard to believe that there are still some in this world who respect their word to the letter. It’s so important in this life that is so short

    1. Hello, buying an AM driver’s license on this site will cost you 650 euro. We contact you in private for the modalities.

  2. I trained in two driving schools but still no driver’s license. I am really fed up. How much to buy a legal driving license and register on this site ?? My greetings

    1. Thank you also for knowing that when you come back with someone else, we will make a 15% discount on payments.

  3. Thank you, driving license A well received. DHL agents knocked on my door this morning at 8:30 and handed me a sealed confidential sealed envelope. It was my driving license. Thank you.

  4. It’s really good that there is such a solution. I will place my order in a few days when I have a little time. The stress of the driving school exam made me fail for a second time despite all that I paid.

    1. Hola Alfinal te comprastes el carnet en esta página web? Para saber si le puedo fiar ya que yo busco comprar el carnet de coche dime algo un saludo

  5. My driver’s license was withdrawn following my last driving offense. I trained even better with my brother but I still have difficulties to get my driver’s license from the police. Can I buy a legal driver’s license and register on this site?

    1. Sure, you can buy a driver’s license on this site, with confidence. However, we recommend that you recycle better before returning to driving.

    1. Sure, all three categories are listed on the same driver’s license, and with different dates for a better authenticity of the driver’s license purchased.

  6. How to suffer so much in a driving school when there are such easy solutions. I can not believe that I have just received my legal and registered driving license.

  7. I have never been so satisfied with an online purchase. This one will really relieve me. Thank you for your dedication to your task.

  8. At the edge of the depression after my last failed driving school exam, I was lucky, looking for an online solution, to come across this site that a cousin had already talked to me about before. The purchase was so fast and so much cheaper, a big relief for my family and me.

  9. I have been driving since I was 16, and since then my parents have refused to enroll me in a driving school on the pretext that I am not very good at school. My only alternative was to find an alternative solution, and luckily I was able to buy a driver’s license A, B on this site.

  10. I apply for a job in my company that is superior to mine and I have all the required documents except the driver’s license. The application deadline is within 2 weeks, can you please provide me a driving license B in less than a week as you say so well on your website ??

    1. Sure, you can order a driver’s license of your choice and it will be delivered to you in less than 7 days. We do not contact you privately.

  11. Even my driving instructor did not understand how I was able to fail the exam on one occasion while I was perfectly fluent in driving. It took a friend to tell me about this site so that all of a sudden, I solve in a week a problem of 10 months by buying a driver’s license.

  12. The easiest purchase of my life, yet the one that scared me the most. Document finally received and on time, thank you.

  13. Thank you for the service. I ordered a driver’s license here more than 6 months ago and I lost it. I tried to get it by making a declaration of loss to the prefecture and it succeeded. Thank you for the originality of your document and especially for its registration in the databases.

  14. Initially my relatives told me that my driver’s license was probably not registered, so I got it cheaply. But recently I committed an offense and the police temporarily withdrew my license before giving it to me 2 days later at the police station without any incident. Thank you for the authenticity of the document.

  15. I drive my father’s trucks in the countryside since the age of 14 without a driver’s license. Today I want to work in the city but it is very difficult for me. Can I buy a heavy truck driver’s license? How much please … I do not have enough time to take the exam.

    1. Sure, you can buy a truck driver’s license here, although we advise you to familiarize yourself with the urban environment so that our document is positive. As for the price, it will depend on the subcategory you choose. We contact you in private for the modalities.

    1. For the 3 categories, the document is worth between 1200 and 1500 euros depending on the subcategories concerned.

  16. I lost more than half of my driver’s license points. Can I have a new A license with all points? If yes, how long?

  17. I just received my driver’s license but with 3 days late. Can you be more time-honored for my next orders? Because I also intend to talk to my friends in college.

  18. How not to buy a driver’s license on such a site when the procedure is so clear, so simplified and when it is so cheaper compared to normal? Thank you for your professionalism.

  19. I really hesitated to proceed with the purchase of the safe driving license this site. I really hesitated a lot. However, I finally realized that I should have trusted you from the start when I had 3 schoolmates who recommended me this site to avoid going to the driving school and fail a second time while spending the colossal amount we all know. I hesitated so much that I went to see my brother who works at the police to see if the document is genuine before I can use it. He wanted to reproach me before realizing that my document is really registered. He even gave me the same registration number you gave me on this site after my order. Thank you very much for making it so easy for me by giving me this document. I will be eternally grateful to you.

  20. I’m really in tears because until the last minute I did not believe that I was going to receive the document. Only when a DHL agent knocked on my door last night did I believe it. When I received my envelope, before opening it I first felt it and felt something solid inside. I then opened the sealed envelope and it was my driver’s license. I do not believe it. I felt like it was a mirage and I quickly realized that it was the reality because I had my home license delivered.

  21. Hello, I have a job opportunity that requires a strong driver’s license. I know how to drive, I would have liked to go to driving school, but there is not enough time. I only have a week and a half with me to file my files in the multinational that has just moved to my city. Can you afford to buy a category A and B driving license in less than 10 days delivery time included? Also, I hope that the license is registered to compensate for possible electronic controls. Expected emergency response. Thank you.

    1. Here you can buy a driver’s license in 6 days. Also, it is legal, registered and authentic in all respects to the original. We send you the details and additional information by email. Thank you for looking at your mailbox.

  22. I work during the day and I do school studies in the evening, suddenly, with 4 jobs and school not easy to take driving school courses. However I know very well to drive in town as in campaign. Can you please enlighten me on obtaining a driving license B on this site ?? What if I want two for my sister and me? Thank you

    1. Sure we can help you. We contact you in private for the procedures for obtaining your driving license B and to ensure the confidentiality of our exchanges.

  23. Joanne
    Can you tell me how much it would cost if I want to buy a driver’s license of categories A, B and CE and have it delivered in 2 weeks ??

    1. We are writing to you privately to give you the appropriate price which in view of the above details should be around 1200 euros.

  24. Hi, I have already failed the license exam several times here in London and want to buy a driving license from you. However, how do you know if the document is not a forgery?

    1. Hi, we understand that you may doubt the registration of the document, that’s why in the envelope containing the document that we send to you, there is a serial number of the driver’s license verifiable in the website of the government by a specialized agent. Because, as we know, an unregistered document in most cases has no real value. Get more information on buying a driving license in England here and place your order to get in possession of your document as soon as possible.

  25. I need a B and C driving license. I have been in Manchester for 5 years and failed the exam more than 3 times due to stress each time.

    1. Hi, we are here to make it easier to obtain a UK driving license and enable many citizens to quickly overcome the difficulties of obtaining it. The document we offer is authentic because it is recorded in all the necessary databases. You can get a B, C permit here in less than 6 days and can pay in two installments. Delivery is made to an address that you indicate to us.

  26. I have 3 children and a job that takes me a long time … how much can I get a B driver’s license? It’s hard for me to take a ride to the driving school.

    1. The B license sold on this site costs 1050 euros payable in two installments. And yes, you can get a driver’s license here in less than 6 days. Also, the document is well saved in the databases.

  27. I am a single woman living in London and a mother of 3 children. With the job and the kids, I don’t have a second to myself to be able to take care of the driver’s license exam. I tried it once in my youth but stress kept me from getting the practice exam. I would like to get a B driver’s license here to give me more job opportunities as I need extra hours of work to be able to pay all the bills my family generates. Thank you..

    1. Hi Madam, we can help you get a registered driver’s license in less than 6 days. All you need to do is get in touch with our team, fill out the form containing the information required for the design of the document, and make the payment, which is done in two installments. After you have verified the authenticity of the document, you will pay the second installment and we will send your registered document to an address that you provide to us. Learn more about purchasing a driver’s license on our site here.

  28. I’ve been trying to get a driver’s license for 3 years, in vain. Can you please sell me an authentic and registered B driver’s license?

    1. Hello, this site is entirely dedicated to buying genuine and registered driver’s licenses. You will be able to obtain your document some 6 days after ordering. Before being dispatched, the document we provide to you is recorded in all required state databases. As soon as you receive it, it is therefore already in the archives of the police and therefore, original. You will then not be able to have any problem with the police or any other institution that may verify the document.

    1. Hi, of course your document can be ready in 6 days maximum with registration in the databases included. All you have to do is pay the first part of the cost and send us by email the completed form containing the information that will be entered on the purchased driving license. We are contacting you for more information.

  29. Last time around, I failed the driver’s license test just because I didn’t see a no-way sign that was too hidden. Just for this little mistake, I didn’t get my document, which prejudices me until today. I would really like to move on with buying a driver’s license.

    1. Hi, you have come to the right place. It is often very difficult for the driving license exam in European countries. That’s what we’re here for. What category of driver’s license do you want to obtain? We can do it in a very short time.

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