Buy a driver’s license, a game that you can afford to participate?

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Buy a driver's license

In many ways buying a license has many advantages, which are many sources of motivation to obtain it in a timely manner. A driver’s license can be purchased under two scenarios, although the objective remains the same: to prove one’s ability to drive. The first scenario is the purchase of a driver’s license by someone who does not know how to drive or has never driven in his life. The second scenario is the purchase of a license by a person who knows how to drive, no matter where and how he learned. Whatever the scenario, the benefits remain the same:

Licenses purchased much cheaper and sometimes even express

We can mention as a first benefit the cost of a driver’s license; because in Europe, for example, countries such as France and Germany have very high license fees, which sometimes reach 2,000 euros. What must not be up to the scholarships of everyone, without forgetting that a license can be passed several times without success.

The certainty that we will have a license is also the advantage, because unlike passing a driver’s license exam does not guarantee ultimately that we will have after the multiple expenses that we have had to perform to pass it. . Here for example we can take the example of an Italian who had his driver’s license in Italy and recently installed in France wanting to deliver pizzas as a job, the procedure to recognize his license in France may take enough time. And in order to quickly start working it would be wise for him to buy a license.

From the race after the deadlines to the difficulty of the examination of the license

Deadlines are also an advantage because passing one’s license requires a minimum waiting time for the exam. And even if one is fortunate enough to do it several times and come back to do it again without worrying about expenses, one does not escape the constraints of time and occupations which impose themselves on our daily life. So following the same course several times to pass the same exam several times has never pleased anyone.

Here for example you can be a job seeker who must file a file whose filing deadline is fairly close, requiring among others a driver’s license. Driver’s license that you have never passed or never succeeded. It would be wiser in this case to buy a driver’s license to insert it to your file so as not to miss a job opportunity; and then maybe after learning how to drive.

It is also an advantage for all those who have the phobia of the exams or any psychological problem during the practical examinations of driving license. Indeed, many people know how to drive on their own, but doing the first step of the practical exam panic and fail their driving test. That’s why the solution for them would be to buy the license in view of this diagnosis.

What if I do not know how to drive?

However, whoever buys without knowing how to drive is indeed a walking danger if he decides to get behind the wheel of a car. However one can still learn to drive after buying everything just like buying after learning to drive; because all things considered buying a license does not necessarily lead to driving.

Maria De Rossi, young Italian, tells her story: “I came to West Germany very young for my studies, one year during the holidays to do my license I went back to Italy to do it because here pass his license over 2 000 euros on my return from Italy I bought a German license and the height is that the two expenses together did not reach 1300 euros. “


  1. Need a driver’s license registered in all state databases because I do not want to have any problem with the police. Can you guarantee it please ?? Categories B and C.

    1. We contact you privately to inform you of the procedure to follow. Also, our driving licenses are always registered. Except on request of the contrary.

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