How to get in touch with our team?

Nothing is easier than getting in touch with us. Just fill out the form on the contact page.

How do I make the payment for the purchase of the driver’s license on this website?

Payment can be done in many ways. Several payment methods will be offered to the client and it will be up to him to choose the one that for him will be the best, depending on his residence, his facilities and even the degree of anonymity he wants to have with the transaction. Some customers prefer to pay with bitcoins.

Buy a driver’s license without examination

How much can a driver’s license cost here?

You just have to start from 850 euros to buy a driver’s license on this site. For multiple orders and for certain categories of driving licenses, the prices can be much more considerable.

What are the categories of driver’s license available on this site?

Here we provide all the categories of driver’s license you want. You can read our article on driving license categories in your country.

Is the purchased document registered?

Yes of course all driving licenses we provide on this site, regardless of their categories, are registered in the state databases and in the DVA or DVLA archives through either our contacts who are there or our hackers who have unlimited access to the databases in which driver’s licenses are registered. This in accordance with the policy of the system.

What are the means of sending documents that we have?

We usually send documents to our customers via transit agencies of their choice. Generally, we use the services of DHL.

How is the delivery of the document that we send?

The document sent is delivered to your home. So, order from home and be delivered to your home under discreet measures, safe and confidential.

How long does it take from conception to receipt of the document by the customer?

From the moment you order your document and pay the corresponding fees, you receive the document within four days.

Does obtaining the permit require special consideration?

Of course not. However, we recommend to all our customers to seriously learn the driving so as not to make the work we do dangerous for them.

Is the purchased license genuine?

Many who have benefited from our services testify to this. They have never been iniquitous either by the police or by anyone because the document we offer is simply authentic and legal. You will never be worried when you are in his possession.