The niche, the biggest nightmare for learner drivers and for driving license applicants

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Dreaded test, including driver’s license, but also in the life of a motorist lambda, the niche can become a mere formality. A condition of keeping calm, and perform the operation step by step.

Make a niche for a driver’s license

The niche is one of the most feared moments during the driving license exam. However, it is not mandatory, but it is one of the maneuvers that examiners can offer (as well as a reverse in a straight line, rounded or angled, a storage in battle, on the cob or a half-turn). Do not hesitate to take your time, a maneuver in the examination of the license is not timed. So be sure to look at your environment before starting your niche (possible presence of pedestrians, street furniture …). If it is badly engaged, do not hesitate to start again, it is allowed and you better take it twice by signaling to your examiner your judgment of the situation rather than stopping you to perform a maneuver that has become impossible or very difficult. difficult to achieve.

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Make a niche: report!

In all road situations, keeping calm is the best advice you can apply. The niche is a good example. Do not hesitate to turn off your radio, take a deep breath, and ask a minute of silence to the children. As for the incomprehensible motorist who honks behind you, make an abstraction of it. On the other hand, your intention to run a niche must be clear. Signal it by triggering your flashing light before you have passed the parking space. This is so that the next vehicle gives you room to maneuver.


Make a niche easily in three steps

  • To succeed in your niche, it is essential to correctly position your vehicle at the beginning of the maneuver. In general, your exterior mirror should be in line with the front door and rear door of the vehicle behind which you want to park. All while staying well parallel.
  • Engage reverse and steer your wheels toward the sidewalk. If you have misjudged the space, do not hesitate to repeat this step.
  • Then, when the rear wheels of your vehicle are about thirty centimeters from the sidewalk, counter-steer completely. If it is too early, you may hit the vehicle parked in front. If it’s too late, you’ll be stuck on the sidewalk. Again, do not hesitate to repeat the maneuver. It’s better than a vehicle that goes over the road.
  • Once properly engaged, try to give the same clearance space to both vehicles around you.

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Make a niche on the left

The window on the left can be complicated because, because of your location, you may feel that you have less space. It is also less frequent because often the parking spaces are on the right side of the road. But in the case of a one-way street, it may happen that you are forced to make a niche on the left to be able to park your vehicle.


  • Place your car parallel to the parked vehicle.
  • Check the surroundings of your car (pedestrians, two-wheelers, other users).
  • Reverse gently (only skid point) until the rear seat axle protrudes past the end of the parked vehicle.
  • Counter-steering when the left-side mirror arrives at the end of the parked vehicle.
  • All you have to do is align your car with enough space in front and behind.

Helps to make a niche

Car manufacturers have created several innovations to help motorists realize their niche. The reversing radar produces audible warnings that intensify as your vehicle approaches an obstacle. The reversing camera offers you an image directly of what is behind your car. Finally, the parking aid, which is no longer a simple gadget, spots a place in sufficient space. Then, the onboard computer tells you when to go back, and the steering column manages the steering and counter-steering automatically … The slot becomes much easier … at least normally.

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